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The Vermont Community Loan Fund is located in the heart of historic downtown Montpelier. For more information on our loan programs, or to learn how you can make an investment, please contact us.


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We were using a small-scale system, so you had to remove each bag and heat-seal it.  We found a bagger, but it was a ton of money for us.  We weren't large and banks weren't interested in helping us. VCLF approved our loan and we were able to buy it.  It solidified our place in the market. 

Francie Caccavo
Olivia's Croutons


Who Invests in the Vermont Community Loan Fund?

(Vermont) Family Valuesjonahbourne new


"I know my money will be there when I need it. But for now, the Loan Fund is allowing me to share opportunities, to turn my assets into opportunities for more Vermonters."


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Doing Well By Doing Good


“It is extremely important that my money not do things I’m morally unwilling to do myself.”


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Buy Local, Eat Local...Invest Local!


"The more we can help each other out as neighbors, the better off we'll all be. The Loan Fund helps others like you would expect a neighbor to help you."


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"Do You Know Where the Money Is Going?"RutlandDismas250.jpg - 22.18 kb


"It was very powerful, deciding that we would look into some life-giving, socially responsible investing as our priority. We could have made more money somewhere else, but we couldn’t have gotten what we really wanted from our investment anywhere other than VCLF."


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