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I was nervous in the present economy to get a loan, but it was nice to have the Loan Fund there.  I didn't realize how necessary their work is in Vermont, especially to the child care industry.

Christine Tullgren
Little Feet Children's Center

Want to turn your annuals into perennials?

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Making a legacy gift to the Loan Fund ensures that you'll be a part of our work forever. Here's how you can help:

Make a Legacy Investment
Our version of a charitable gift annuity. You'll receive immediate tax benefits and annual interest payments for life, while the capital you've gifted to the Loan Fund is loaned out to create opportunities throughout Vermont. At the end of your life, your Legacy Investment will become part of our Permanent Capital Fund, to be loaned and re-loaned in perpetuity.

Donate Your VCLF Investment
Some VCLF investors include us in their philanthropy by donating their investment (or a portion thereof) at maturity. Maybe their financial position has changed since they made their investment and they're not relying those funds naymore. Maybe they've even forgotten about it over time. Or maybe they're just inspired by VCLF's latest project!

Include VCLF as a Beneficiary of your Will or Life Insurance Policy
Your end-of-life charitable gift creates tax benefits for your estate and leaves a VCLF legacy that will be creating opportunities for Vermonters far into the future. 

For more information of leaving your VCLF legacy, please contact Jake Ide, Director of Investment & Philanthropy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (802) 223-4423.