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The Vermont Community Loan Fund is located in the heart of historic downtown Montpelier. For more information on our loan programs, or to learn how you can make an investment, please contact us.


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I really like what VCLF does. It is vital to Vermonters to have funding resources available. The Loan Fund is an example of an organization that is important and effective both in our region and throughout the state and we are pleased to be long-time supporters.

Judy Geer

Here's who: investors in the Vermont Community Loan Fund.

You can take advantage of the Vermont Charitable Housing Tax Credit when you invest in the Loan Fund to support affordable housing. It's so simple: almost a quarter of our investors qualified to receive the Credit last year.

Here's how it works:

The State of Vermont's Charitable Threshold Rate is currently 1.88%.* As a result, whenever you invest with us at a rate lower than 1.88%, you'll earn a tax credit equal to the difference between the rate of your investment and 1.88%. For instance, if your VCLF investment has a 0% interest rate, you'll receive the full 1.88% credit. If your VCLF investment has a 1% return on investment, you'll qualify to receive a 0.88% income tax credit based on the amount of your investment.

Since you're receiving a credit (as opposed to a refund), that benefit is completely untaxed. This means that after taxes, the benefit you will have received will be greater than the amount you would have received with an investment with us at an equivalent rate. 

You can maximize your investment's benefit by investing at zero percent. Almost 90% of our investors receiving the CHTC last year chose to invest at 0%. This lower rate allows VCLF to keep our borrowers' rates low, which can make a huge difference in the rent a family pays for their apartment or the purchase price a family pays for their first home.

We like to think of the Charitable Housing Tax Credit as a "win-win-win."

  • You win. You receive the highest possible rate of return for your VCLF investment.
  • We win. We can pass on the lower cost of funds to the borrower.
  • Vermont wins. The state leverages private capital to meet a public need, creating safe, affordable homes.

Join us and take advantage of this powerful tool provided by the state to create more affordable housing opportunities. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Investment & Philanthropy, at (802) 223-4423 today.

* These rates are subject to change every July 1st. The Vermont Community Loan Fund does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor to determine how the Charitable Housing Tax Credit can benefit you.