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The Vermont Community Loan Fund is located in the heart of historic downtown Montpelier. For more information on our loan programs, or to learn how you can make an investment, please contact us.


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If VCLF hadn't stepped in to help us out, we'd be talking about closing instead of where we want to be in three years.

Caprice Hover
Rutland County Parent/Child Center

about us

We Vermonters stick to our roots and values, but we've always embraced innovation - new ways to make life better.  That's the heart of the Vermont Community Loan Fund:



A better Vermont.

For almost three decades, the Vermont Community Loan Fund has transformed Vermonters' lives creating opportunities leading to healthy communities and financial stability for all Vermonters.

Our Borrowers
VCLF is a mission-driven, community-focused alternative lender. We make loans to local businesses, community organizations & nonprofits, child care providers and developers of affordable housing who don’t qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. We combine our loans with financial consulting and business development services to make sure our borrowers have access to all the tools they need to succeed.  

Since 1987, the Loan Fund has loaned over $85 million to:

  • Create or preserve jobs for 4,500 Vermonters
  • Build or rehabilitate affordable homes for 3,600 Vermonters, seniors and families
  • Create or preserve quality care for 3,400 children and their families
  • Support community organizations providing essential services to hundreds of thousands of Vermonters

Our Investors
The money we lend is loaned to us by hundreds of investors who want to do more with their money. VCLF investors want a safe, sensible tool for investing right here in Vermont. Investors in the Loan Fund earn a financial return, can receive tax benefits and create opportunity right here in our communities. Anyone can invest with the Loan Fund:  individuals and families, businesses and banks, faith-based organizations, other nonprofits, universities, foundations and community organizations...even local, state and the federal governments.


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