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February 6th: VT Real Estate Co-op Coordinates with VCLF, Supporting New Path to Home Ownership

“Housing is a major wealth-building asset,” says Matthew Cropp, board treasurer of the Vermont Real Estate Cooperative (VREC). It’s an asset, he’s quick to note, that’s unattainable for far too many. VREC is working to change that. Read More

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VCLF's Winter NoteWorthy Celebrates 35 Years and a Hyper-Busy 2023!

Read about VCLF's 35th anniversary celebration and its record lending across a hyper-busy 2023! Read More

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October 16th: Historic North Star Community Hall Shines Again, with Help from VCLF & Friends

With all that Burlington's historic Lodge had given to the community over the years, the community was determined to give back to their beloved cultural hub. They called on the Loan Fund to help. Read More

Marking a Milestone: VCLF Shepherds PPP Borrowers to Loan Forgiveness

VCLF marked another major milestone this December, as our loan team completed the processing of our final federal PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan forgiveness application. In total, we administered PPP loans for 57 Vermont small businesses; we expect 56 to be granted full loan forgiveness..Read More

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